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We Protect Your Loved Ones In The Comfort And Safety of Their Home.
You will never be alone again with the safety, security and peace of mind
provided by a American Personal Alert System.   

American Personal Alert Systems gives seniors and the disabled     throughout America the ability to live independently where they     are most comfortable - in their own homes.  Knowing help is only   a press of a button away at all times will give you peace of mind.

Did you know?    

300,000 seniors every year are found helpless or deceased at home   because they are alone and unable to call for help after a fall.

Among people 65 years and older, falls are the leading cause of injury     deaths and the most cause of non-fatal injuries and hospital  admissions for trauma.  Each year in the United States, nearly one    third of older adults experience a fall.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services for Disease     Control and Prevention: 1.8 million (people 65 and older) were       treated in emergency rooms for non fatal injuries related to falls.   The total direct cost for falls among adults in 2000 was about $19 billion.

Based upon a 2006 AARP published study, nursing home costs in the    United States average $71,000/year.  The total average nursing home    stay costs $177,500.  Assisted living facilities average $32,000/year and in-home care cost an average of $19/hour.

Our expertise is working with the relatives of seniors to explain how   important it is to have a medical alert system.  The first hour   (golden hour) can make the difference in someones future.

We work closely with home care professionals, social workers as well   as receive many recommendations from nurses, rehabilitation  facilities and alike.

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